Grosser Arber: Germany (Bavaria)

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Family Friendly Rating: 3/5
Rating: 3 out of 5 - Some family facilities
Height: 1456mkm
Piste Coverage: 9,3km
Runs: 9
Ski Lifts: 5
From Calais: 639m / 1028km
Winter Resort: Yes
Summer Resort: No
Snow Report
Last Snowfall: 01/01/1753
Min Snow: Not Available
Max Snow: Not Available
No. Runs Open: Not Available
Weather: light snow
Snow Condition:
Max Temp: Not Available
Min Temp: Not Available
Typical Prices
6 Day Ski Pass Prices
Adult: -
Child: -
Senior Citizen: -

Coffee: -
Beer: -

Grosser Arber, Germany (Bavaria)

A Quiet Bavarian Ski Region Great For Beginners and Intermediate Skiers

A Quiet Bavarian Ski Region Great For Beginners and Intermediate Skiers The winter on Grosser Arber British winter sports enthusiasts will be surprised by a visit to the Grosser Arber ski slopes at the eastern end of the German region of Bavria. Situated not far from the Czech Republic, the journey by car is around 11 hours and probably around 90-minutes from Munich airport.

The nature on Grosser Arber presents itself in the most incredible shapes. Wind, snow and icy cold transforms the dwarf-pines into bizarre shapes, that in bright sunshine resemble pictures from fairy tale books. These pictures only give a faint idea of what it really looked like.

Operation time of the cableways (except revision period) Winter season til January: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm (Gondola / Chair-lifts), 8:30 am - 4:00 pm(T-bar surface lifts) Winter season after January: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Gondola / Chair-lifts), 8:30 am - 4:15 pm (T-bar surface lifts)

With a heigth of 1456 m the Grosser Arber is the Mount Blanc of the Bavarian Forest. Within four minutes the Gondola / Chair-lifts takes you up just underneath the summit. From this point runs of different length and severity divide that offer terrific views across the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest. Furthermore you have the option to ski on a marvelous, 5 km long descent down to the town of Bodenmais.p Schools for skiing, carving and snowboarding offer any kind of training courses and special courses for kids. 90 km of cross-country skiing trails are waiting for you at the cross-country skiing centers Bretterschachten and Scheibe. The FIS racing runs and the new World-Cup Run, which is also the training slope for the federal training center for alpine skiing LLZ, provide the opportunity for sport skiing and carving. Slope preparation and grooming The slopes on Grosser Arber are maintained by four Pistenbully snowcats of the leading company Kssbohrer. Tree of the vehicles are equipped with a winch and a 330 hp engine for optimum use on steep terrain. Hooked on attachment points and hanging on the cable, they prepare the slopes on Grosser Arber. The slope preparation on Grosser Arber is maintained by special high-traction dozers equipped with winches. These hi-tech machines are hooked to a 1,000 m cable. Only by this improved technique of slope grooming the steep ski-slopes on Grosser Arber can be prepared professionally. Particularly this last winter, this new way of slope preparation has optimally proved itself. There are altogether 12 attachment points for the winch vehicles in the whole ski-area. Hooked on and hanging on a cable, the winch snow cats can prepare almost all slopes. Floodlight ski driving: Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm Walkers can spend a wonderful winter day and enjoy the stunning views of the border mountains between Germany and the Czech Republic. On foehn-days the visibility goes as far as the Austrian and German Alps. After a nice stroll through the snow-covered nature you can rest at the Eisensteiner Httn" or at the Gasthaus zur Gondelbahn with the big wind-protected sun-terasse and meet nice people.

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