Be Visible - By Law!

Be Visible - By Law!

Be Visible - By Law!

September 2009

when travelling within Austria.

All motorists must wear the waistcoat in case of vehicle break down, when stopping in the middle of country lanes, whenever a warning triangle is used and in case of poor visibility. On motorways and dual carriageways it must be worn whenever leaving the car, however not when stopping on allocated parking places.

Failure to comply with these rules will incur a hefty fine, however for a maximum of three months from introduction; the Austrian authorities will be tolerant towards visitors from the UK and Ireland.

Clothing guidelines:
Essential is a reflective, fluorescent colour (yellow, orange or red) in conjunction with white reflective stripes. Logos and any writing should not dominate. The waistcoats must comply with the European standard EN471, visible on a sewn-in label.

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