Fuel Price Guide

Fuel Price Guide

Fuel Price Guide

March 2010

Skiing-The-Alps.com is now pleased to be able to offer the latest fuel prices for the following European countries. These have been converted into Euros (except the UK which is still £s Sterling).

The UK has STILL got one of the highest fuel prices in Europe! TAX ON FUEL IS NOW DOUBLE THAT OF OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES!

UPDATED: 31/03/2010

Country Unleaded Diesel
Austria (€) 1.14 1.03.8
Belgium (€)  1.46.5 1.15.7
France (€) 1.328.4
Germany (€) 1.42.1 1.19.8
Great Britain (£) 1.17.9
Holland (€) 1.56.3 1.18.9
Italy (€) 1.32 1.24
Luxembourg (€) 1.16.6
Switzerland (€) 1.17

The above are to be used as a guide only. There may be variations due to currency fluctuations.

* Quoted in Swiss Francs
As of 1st January 2002, individual European currencies have "disappeared" and the EURO has taken over, except Switzerland which is not part of the Euro zone!

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