Vredestein Tyre Range

Vredestein Tyre Range

Vredestein Tyre Range

October 2007

It is essential to be well prepared for bad weather and dangerous traffic situations during the colder months of the year and Vredestein has a comprehensive range of cold weather tyres such as the Snowtrac; Snowtrac 2; Wintrac Xtreme; and the Wintrac4 Xtreme, suitable for a large range of car wheel sizes.

The Wintrac Xtreme is a high-performance cold weather tyre designed for speeds of up to 168 mph - not that such speed is permissable in the UK - but the emphasis is on grip and safety at speed.

The Snowtrac2 has recently come 1st in a test by the German magazine "AUTOZEITUNG" and we are about to produce some popular sizes of the first ever Winter tyres available in "runflat" version.

Details of all this can be found on the Vredestein website

Within the Wintrac Xtreme series, Vredestein also supplies special cold weather tyres for SUVs which guarantees a high level of safety and comfort combined with an advanced design. The special Wintrac4 Xtreme uses the same innovative and creative design by Giugiaro Design, whereby the aggressive, straight lines lend a powerful character to the W-shaped profile. Handling is fully optimised as a result of the special belt construction, the sophisticated tread rubber-compound and the sturdy sidewalls.

In addition to the various cold weather tyre tests, German ADAC Motorwelt and AutoBild magazines recently tested a large number of tyres in a dedicated all-season tyres test. Here, Vredestein had excellent results with the Vredestein Quatrac2 which was recommended by both renowned media because of the outstanding handling characteristics on snow and the lateral grip on wet and snowy road surfaces. In addition, the Quatrac2 has the shortest braking distance on a wet surface.

Vredstein (UK) Ltd is located in Northamptonshire and products are available from a large number of tyre garages throughout the UK.

E-mail. customer.uk@vredestein.com

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