Keep Your Skis, Boots and Equipment Dry

Keep Your Skis, Boots and Equipment Dry
Keep Your Skis, Boots and Equipment Dry

Keep Your Skis, Boots and Equipment Dry

October 2007

One of the advantages of travelling by car is that you can carry your own skis with you. What’s more, unlike with air travel, your car carries everyone’s skis for FREE!

By fitting a roof box supplied by The Roof Box Company you can carry at least four sets of skis and poles, usually fit in some boots and ski clothing as well, and leave lots of space inside the car for the passengers – comfort is especially important on a long journey.

Many people choose to hire the latest skis in the resort, but still use a roof box to keep their bulky luggage out of the car. In any event it's sensible to leave plenty of space in the boot for the snow chains which you must carry and are likely to need (pack them last!)

Roof boxes have come a long way in recent years, both in terms of design as well as security. Good quality boxes are watertight and weatherproof and all the boxes supplied by The Roof Box Company have locks so when you stop at a motorway service area for a rest and cup of coffee/tea, you won’t worry about finding a window seat to keep an eye on the vehicle. The Roof Box Company sells all of Europe's best known roof box brands, including Thule and KAMEI, Germany’s top quality brand.

Modern roof boxes are designed to minimise wind resistance; there will of course be a marginal increase in fuel consumption, but you should view this in the context of the benefits of travelling with all the luggage you need. Those people who use the old fashioned method of securing skis to an ordinary roof rack usually arrive at their resort with their skis covered in road muck as well as having worried en route as to whether the skis/poles will be stolen! (Tip! If you only use a ski carrier or strap the skis to the roof rails, wrap up the bindings in cling film to keep them clean.)

The Roof Box Company also specialises in snow chains, with a unique online database which will show you what's permitted for use on your car. As well as selling RUD chains, they stock Maggi TRAK chains and the Swiss "Spikes Spider" chains, ideal for use on vehicle and tyre combinations where RUD snow chains are not available or are shown as a "No fit".

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