Port of Dover Invests

Port of Dover Invests

Port of Dover Invests

September 2008

It is now so quick to travel through the Port of Dover, motorists barely notice they have passed through facilities. French Passport officers are now located on the UK side of the Channel so once you reach the vehicle assembly lanes you know that you will be able to drive straight off the ship on the French side and head for the open road.

Motorists arriving with time to spare before their ferry departure will find new and improved facilities have been built adjacent to two huge new ferry berths at the Port's Eastern Ferry Terminal.

The berths themselves have cost many millions of £s and are equipped to cater for the new generation of super ferry. With double-deck, double-width loading and unloading, a ferry can discharge, re-load and sail all within an hour (or quicker if necessary). For the motorist arriving at Dover from mainland Europe passport control is now done in France. So providing you have not vastly exceeded what could legitimately be described as booze and cigarettes for "your own consumption", you are not likely to be stopped by HM Customs.

Ferry companies have been introducing new ships in recent months so skiers will enjoy speed, comfort and luxury during their crossing to France. P&O Ferries, Seafrance and Norfolk Line now have a modern fleet of ships operating on routes which include Calais nand Dunkirk. Speedferries operate a catamaran "fast-ferry" service to Boulogne from a dedicated terminal located at the former western docks hoverport.

The Port of Dover celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2006, marking the granting of the Royal Charter in 1606 by James 1. Many celebrations have taken place this year including royal visits to the Port and a special regatta.

However, all eyes will be on the Eastern Docks ferry terminal and the Port of Dover's continuing fight against competition from the Channel Tunnel. New ships, improved check-in times and a preference for motorists to enjoy the rest, relaxation and the opportunity to have a meal during the crossing to France are reasons enough why millions of motorists are still using ferries from Dover instead of the "hole in the ground!"

Work has commenced on a new exit route from the Eastern Docks separating lorries from cars which will make life considerably easier for those heading towards the M20 motorway.

On your way to the ferry check-in is done by the ferry company and as everything is computer controlled, your ticket can be veried within minutes so the journey from open road to ship is now very quick.

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