Driving Abroad - A Checklist

Driving Abroad - A Checklist

Driving Abroad - A Checklist

August 2007

Before leaving, carry out the following checks:

  • Anti-freeze if of sufficient strength
  • Washer bottle has sufficient fluid and is strong enough to cope with -20c
  • Tyres have good tread pattern
  • Spare wheel is inflated to correct level
  • All electrics under the bonnet have been sprayed to prevent dampness
  • Good route map and road map of your resort area

Always carry with you:

  • Snow chains
  • Spare set of light bulbs
  • Tow rope
  • Windscreen wash fluid
  • Warning triangle
  • Route map
  • Vehicle registration document (copy)
  • E111 Health Insurance document
  • Ice scrapper plus soft brush to sweep off loose snow
  • Photos (passport size for your lift pass)

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Never park at your resort facing uphill. If your battery goes flat, it is easier to jump start the car if you are facing downhill!
  • Never drive too fast for local conditions. If there is snow and ice on the road, drive at a safe speed and arrive safely.
  • If it is snowing before you reach your resort, put on the snow chains before you become stuck. If you block the road to other traffic, you could face an on-the-spot fine. (carry a pair of heavy duty gloves so that your skin does not come into direct contact with cold metal.

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