Driving Abroad - Tips & Regulations

Driving Abroad - Tips & Regulations

Driving Abroad - Tips & Regulations

August 2007

There are a number of useful driving hints to remember when motoring in the winter, not the least of which is to always drive according to the conditions. Winter abroad can be as sudden and dramatic as a cloudless, cold day with brilliant blue skies and sunshine.

As you drive towards the Alps from Calais you may well enjoy snow-free roads for the entire journey until you are within a few kilometres of the ski resort. On the other hand as in the UK snow can suddenly fall so it is as well to be prepared right from the outset.

It is the law through all alpine countries that snow chains MUST be carried in the boot of the car and fitted when required. This rule certainly applies on all mountain routes and those leading to your ski village. To ensure you are not caught out, and therefore delayed in arriving at your destination, you may have to fit the chains to get through heavy snow until the roads have been properly cleared.

It is also an offence to block the passage of a snow plough and on-the-spot fines are heavy and could well ruin your holiday! To fit chains, and all modern chains such as RUD Chains are easy to fit, it is as well to wear heavy-duty gloves to ensure your skin is not damaged when coming into contact with the chain in freezing conditions. A mat to kneel on is also useful

You may well consider having a good set of either year-round or winter tyres fitted. The Dutch Company - Vredestein (see TYRES) has a UK centre and supplies tyre garage throughout the country. Such a set of tyres would obviously prove useful in the winter months in the UK and could well see you through snowy conditions without the need to fit chains (even if they must be carried by law!)

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