Drive or be Driven?

Drive or be Driven?

Drive or be Driven?

September 2008

If you are planning a DIY ski trip and considering your options. One major consideration for your trip is travel to and from your resort, with the onset of budget airlines and forever changing airports, the cost of a flight to your alpine getaway is often very affordable and by far the quickest way to the slopes.

However when you arrive at the airport what next? Well there are two main options; drive or be driven.

The options come down to personal preference however a full understanding of the options will lead to a sure choice.

Airport transfers can be booked as soon as you have booked your flight (be sure to look for airports closest to resort and not just the cost of the flight), from any popular airport a private car can be arranged to meet you from your flight and with enough baggage space to fit all your skis and boards. Shared vehicles are available too, which means cheaper travel. The driver will then take you direct to your accommodation; these drivers are professionals that know the road ahead, with knowledge of the quickest way to your resort. The driver will also be informed of your accommodation address meaning resort arrival time and actual arrival time are the same! Many hotels (such as those in Austria) will arrange to collect you from your airport and take you back there at the end of your stay for a small charge).

All transfer vehicles and drivers are fully insured and licensed meaning the price you pay includes security. The vehicles will be equipped for the mountain roads, with special snow tyres and a set of chains when the snow really starts falling.

The second option is car rental which also can be booked at the time of reserving your flight. With most popular airports having car rental desks. A range of vehicles will be offered but ski-racks/ snow tyres/ chains will be at an extra cost. The service allows freedom to drive yourself to your resort as you want, however journeys can often be troublesome.

Driving yourself to the mountains requires some preparation, knowledge of the route - where the nearest petrol station is, practise of putting on snow chains, etc. There have been many reports of holiday makers driving up one side of a mountain only to find the pass is closed throughout the winter and there is no option but to turn around. The reports of trouble don't stop there, one family decided to economise on car insurance and on arrival at their ski resort, parked the car. On the return to the car they found the snow lodged on the roof of a nearby building had fallen and crushed the car, causing not only a dent in the car but in the wallet too.

Considering the average holiday makers travel needs for a winter holiday; the desire to arrive at the resort as soon as possible, the fact that transport within a resort is rarely needed and the amount of luggage that skiing involves.

This all leads to one sensible solution, book a transfer...

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